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Relish The Journey

Apr 8, 2020

Sandy Joy Weston's mission is to spread joy. She uses fitness and her gift of motivation as her tools to help individuals achieve their goals with ease and flow.

Her career highlights are staggering!

She's been an on-air fitness expert for NBC; she was the featured trainer on the Reality TV show “Health Cops” and she became the first female trainer for the Philadelphia Flyers and personally worked with Eric Lindros, Ed Snider, and Pat Croce. Sandy also worked with the Philadelphia 76ers dance team when she choreographed and performed a half time routine.


The past five years, Sandy has been focusing on SJW Productions, an international company whose main mission is to highlight all the positive in the world and help people come together to reach their individual and common goals.

She does this through her podcasts, “Let’s Keep It Real” & “Positive Bitch Lady”, her books, Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow and My 30-Day Reset Journal, and her workshops. She is also traveling the world as a Keynote Speaker specializing in wellness, fitness, and women empowerment. Sandy’s outlook on life inspires every single person to live with a little more joy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation!

BONUS - listen to my guest appearance on Sandy's podcast:

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