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Relish The Journey

Dec 17, 2019

Adam Yoder, now Councilman Yoder, was recently elected to the Williamsport, Pennsylvania City Council.

He invited me into his home for this in-depth conversation about why he wanted to get into politics and what he’s learned from entering the fray for himself.

Campaigning was the ultimate side hustle for him; holding down a 40+ hour a week career and devoting another 20 hours or more to the campaign. But, fresh off the “campaign trail”, Adam seemed more invigorated than tired. It’s evident that he is passionate about the city of Williamsport and has big plans for how he will contribute.

My biggest take away from the conversation was his idea that optimism leads to, and attracts, success. I totally subscribe to this and to Adam's philosophy that if more people took this approach, we’d be able to accomplish an incredible amount together.

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