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Relish The Journey

Feb 6, 2019

Dan Woods and Adrian Bernard are two high school buds who have reconnected after college and are both navigating their way through their twenties and the Big Apple. 

While they are similar in certain ways, they are also very different, that's what makes them good friends - and it is evident in their banter. 

We cover what it's like to have to 'swipe right' to find a date, the hustle of establishing yourself in a career and how the future can seem daunting. 

Dan's three words were "Let It Be" - our first repeat, which was cool. Alex Peck back in Episode 10 had the same outlook. 

Adrian's three were "Enjoy The Suck." Which makes sense with his football background and his journey between the US and Canada for college. 

I think everyone will be able to relate to where Dan and Adrian are in their lives, whether you're there yourself or can remember when you were in their shoes. Enjoy!