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Relish The Journey

Jan 9, 2019

I sat down with Jennifer Caraway - founder of The Joy Bus, The Joy Bus Diner, badass mom and Chopped Champion. We cover how she won the TV show, balancing work and family and much more. 

The Joy Bus is a Not for Profit organization whose sole purpose is to relieve the daily struggles of homebound cancer patients with a fresh Chef Inspired meal and a friendly face. Their vision is to elevate the livelihood of their patrons with the joy of culinary sustenance. Founded in 2011 and named in honor of their dear friend Joy who struggled with the painstaking side-effects of cancer, ultimately losing her life to this horrific disease. Joy suffered from cancer in the 4 “L” s (in Joy's words) “Lungs, Liver, Lymphoids and Loveries”. Her drive and determination are inspirational to all those who fight her same battle and if a hot meal and a little compassion can brighten her day then it’s the least we can all do as humans and as a part of a community. Millions of cancer patients are left to fend for themselves during this turning point in their lives. The Joy Bus will relieve the burden put on families during this time by providing healthy meals specified to meet their patron’s needs. The Joy Bus delivers not only quality meals to your doorstep but compassion and a smiling face.


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