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Relish The Journey

Oct 25, 2018

This episode marks a milestone in the 'Relish The Journey' project - the first guest whom I have never met!

The goal has always been to shine a light on the stories that every person has to share and how the lessons they have learned can teach something to all of us. To me, this episode was reassuring because the idea held up with someone outside of my circle of family and friends.  

Jay Velar is one interesting dude. Referred to me by Michael Tonart (Episode 3's star), Jay is a well-known Disc Jockey (DJ), having remixed tracks for the likes of DJ Kontrol and Lil John. As a member of (the #1 remix site in the world for DJs), his work has been downloaded by the masses. 

In addition to his life in the music scene, Jay is a successful stock market investor. In talking with him, it's absolutely evident that his passion for the strategy of buying and selling stocks matches, or possibly even exceeds, his love for music. 

Overall, I was struck by how incredibly positive and motivated he was. By the time our conversation was over, I felt like I could run through a wall - he got me that pumped up! 

For more on Jay Velar, visit his:

Official website