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Relish The Journey

Oct 31, 2019

Cat and Matt met online in the comment string of an article on Quora. Cat is a retired high school teacher and playwright and Matt is a mechanical engineer currently working on a chemical weapons destruction projects for the government. After learning a bit about Matt's life, Cat asked permission to write a play about...

Dec 5, 2018

*Full disclosure - the audio quality at the beginning of this episode is not the best. Not sure what went on with the phone call, but it clears up in the middle. Sorry in advance! But I thought this guest had a great message and decided to post anyway. 

This episode features a woman I went to high school with in Easton,...

Oct 9, 2018

Meet Meredith Seville, one of my sister’s best friends. We discuss, in depth, stigmas surrounding mental illness and her own battles with anxiety. Ultimately, she encourages us all to be our own authentic selves. Can’t argue with that!

Sep 19, 2018

30 days without eating meat?! That vegetarian life is not as easy as it sounds.

Sep 5, 2018

From planting mangroves in the Dominican Republic, studying for the LSATs and planning a wedding, Taylor and I dive into some deep “life” conversations and ultimately realize that life is all about the family you choose.