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Relish The Journey

Jan 29, 2020

It's surreal to be typing this, but WELCOME TO EPISODE 100! 

No gimmicks for this landmark number, just a guy his microphone sharing some gratefulness and good vibes. 

Thank you for being a Traveler with me on this journey. 

Jan 22, 2020

Steve Kahan is a serial entrepreneur and author of the book, "Be A Startup Superstar." 

He shares lessons learned from over 30 years growing startup companies from the early stages of development to going public or selling outright. 

Check out his website at and look for his book on Amazon...

Jan 14, 2020

Daniel Minter, aka Freak The Baddest, works a full-time job, is going to school at the Berklee College of Music (also full-time) and makes music in his free time. He's also a proud father and husband and manages to keep a normal sleep schedule. 

In this episode we dive into how he's gotten his music onto TV shows like...

Jan 8, 2020

Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, clarity coach, TEDx organizer, speaker, author and founder of Masters in Clarity; an executive coaching and strategy practice. 

Dolores believes that she works with ideas themselves, which just happen to be held by people. And that ideas are energy and that...

Jan 2, 2020

Dr. Jane Tornatore is a therapist, speaker and author. She has dedicated her career and life to helping people love themselves and obtain self-compassion. 

Listen as we dissect how to best respond to stress and anxiety instead of continuing to allow emotions like these to drive our lives. 

Check out her book: Everything...