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Relish The Journey

Oct 31, 2019

Cat and Matt met online in the comment string of an article on Quora. Cat is a retired high school teacher and playwright and Matt is a mechanical engineer currently working on a chemical weapons destruction projects for the government. After learning a bit about Matt's life, Cat asked permission to write a play about...

Oct 23, 2019

Does an episode title get more romantic than this?

Last week you met my grandmother - Marion. This week I am proud to introduce you to the man who loves her unconditionally, my grandfather, and the man I am named after - Myles Hergert. 

Thank you for this moment Grandfather and for sharing your stories with the world. I...

Oct 16, 2019

Allow me to introduce my Grandmother - Marion Hergert.

As you can imagine, this was a very personal episode for me and one that I am very excited to share with the world!

I hope this episode makes you want to sit down with someone you love and simply listen more than you talk. 

Thank you for sharing your stories Grandma...

Oct 10, 2019

Focus on getting one percent better each and every day. Stop thinking about it and simply take action. 

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Oct 7, 2019

A short, solo episode of me reflecting while on a hike in the woods. 

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