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Relish The Journey

Jul 30, 2019

Take a deep breath, swallow hard and charge ahead. 

Wisdom like this abounds with Leigh Austin - co-founder and principal of Arroyo Capital and our third guest for HerStories in Housing. 

As a mother of triplet boys and a finance aficionado, Leigh has fantastic stories of how to balance work and life and how to learn by...

Jul 23, 2019

Nick, founder of Tyypo Prints, completely believes in the power of being positive. He started his company as a side-hustle while pursuing a career in graphic design - or visual problem solving, as he describes it - but quickly realized that the corporate world wasn't necessarily for him and that he would be better off...

Jul 17, 2019

BRACE YOURSELF - this guy is AMAZING. From shuttling confiscated boats for the government, to rabbinical school and more, Yonason Goldson has quite the journey. We unravel his cross country backpacking trips across the US and Europe, as well as his trips speaking across the country on ethics.

Ultimately we ponder the...

Jul 10, 2019

Molly Seltzer is an environmental journalist with published pieces with HuffPost and the Smithsonian. This episode covers her journey to her current position in communications with Princeton University, as well as starting her own organization, Electric America. 

Think you know your alternative energy facts?...