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Relish The Journey

Mar 27, 2019

Last month I was given the opportunity to speak at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas about how to start a podcast. This episode is the audio from that presentation. I still have to pinch myself that this happened - thanks to everyone who's been supportive along the way! Here's to the next milestones on...

Mar 20, 2019

Local Networking Event + Relish The Journey Podcast = This Episode.

Check out the Stone State Studio Social, the last Thursday of EVERY month. Stone State Entertainment is located at 48 A Street, Northumberland, Pennsylvania 17857 and online at 

If you're looking for more information on this...

Mar 13, 2019

Nick McLaughlin, also known as the Stationary Astronaut, is an unapologetic bundle of energy, with a contagious affliction of enthusiasm and confidence. 

He's a father, an entrepreneur, a believer in plant medicine and an all-around nice guy.

In addition to his podcast, Nick is the man who helped bring Gary Vaynerhuck...

Mar 9, 2019

We did it everyone - big landmark today - EPISODE 50!

Thank you all so much for your continued support. It's everything. 

I couldn't think of a better person to bring in as a guest than Mr. Relish The Journey himself, and my guest from Episode 2 - Nick John. 

Since talking to Nick the first time, he made a...

Mar 5, 2019

There are many sides to adoption and Hannah Eloge has formed a true community to acknowledge them all. Hannah is the founder of Kindred + Co, which stands for Kindred and Community.

As Hannah and her husband started their adoption journey, they were hungry for stories of people just like them and stories from the other...