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Relish The Journey

Feb 26, 2019

Ashley Mitchell is the queen of "owning her shit." And I love it! This episode was incredibly fun to record. It's the first with a co-host - I was joined by Kate Williard from Episode 33, Love Over Fear

It was Kate's episode where I was first brought into the "Wild West" that seems to be the world of adoption. Kate...

Feb 20, 2019

The term “fraternity” stirs up quite the range of emotions. For me, my fraternity experience was truly life-changing and I credit that time in my life for all I have been able to achieve thus far.

So when I found out my fraternity had a podcast, I geeked out and messaged them like the fan boy I am.

Taylor Grayson...

Feb 11, 2019

Never Peak. Seems simple right? Just keep focusing on improving yourself and what you do in every way possible. Easy to say, for sure. But harder to do - consistently.

Gabe Malinski is the founder of Never Peak Products, a lifestyle brand based in Minnesota. He wrote “Never Peak” in his school notebook and 48 hours...

Feb 8, 2019

They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman. Well, behind this wildly average (but very driven) man, there is an AWESOME woman. 

And today is her birthday. 

Claire, I love you. I hope you have an amazing day. Know that I love you, our son loves you, and we appreciate everything you do for our...

Feb 6, 2019

Dan Woods and Adrian Bernard are two high school buds who have reconnected after college and are both navigating their way through their twenties and the Big Apple. 

While they are similar in certain ways, they are also very different, that's what makes them good friends - and it is evident in their banter. 

We cover...