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Relish The Journey

Aug 30, 2018

From wrestling to jiu-jitsu and MMA competitions, Terrell Nixon is a true Warrior. We discuss how his experiences fighting can apply to all sorts of other situations in life and, of course, have fun sharing some memories from along the journey. 

Aug 22, 2018

From growing up as a minister’s son, to auditioning for Jeopardy and moving across the country Zack’s Journey is peppered with critical thought and an open mind. 

Aug 14, 2018

Does anyone really like buying a car? Does anyone else get sad when they have to say goodbye to their car? I hate buying cars. The whole experience. And I get oddly attached to vehicles. This episode is me ranting about all of the above - enjoy the colorful commentary on my life! - Myles

Aug 8, 2018

From a beach house balcony at 3:30 AM during a bachelor party - this episode was awesome to record. Luke Dohrman keeps on going no matter what life throws at him!